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Inspired by Kuroko no Basuke


Shonen Jump: No chapters today


For several years, WSJ chapters came out on Wednesday i.e five days before the official release (which is Monday) but deliverymen decided to slow things up a bit.
This has already happened last week to Shonen Magazine (Fairy Tail) and it's now Shonen Jump's turn. So yes,...
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189Q - Kiseki no Sedai’s Goals

Electric Combination - Day 12: Zone | Day 25: Electric for AoKaga Month
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Teikou’s Scoreboards

part 2 {part 1; part 3}

Generation of Miracles » Kagami Taiga, The Rising New Member
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friendly reminder that when Fujimaki-sensei said every boy had porn mags that includes kuroko

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A shadow doesn't exist without light. No matter how much youstruggle, it never works the other way. A shadow can't defeat the light. It's a useless effort.

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Minimalist Series » Kuroko no Basket + Hair

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Kimi ga Hikari de Aru Tame Ni
Ono Kensho
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After practicing for weeks, Kensho plays Kimi ga Hikari de Aru Tame Ni on the piano and sings softly along with it.