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Welcome to my KNB blog!!  I'm just obsessed with this manga/anime and want to share it with you all!!  (ღ˘◡˘ღ)  If you need something feel free to ask! ♥



Translation: tokiwa69
Typesetting: akashikuroko

Continuation of the last page of Q237, I suppose. XD

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new wallpaper for my laptop ^q^

(uncut ver.)

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kurobasu eyes pt 1  miragen

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Top 2 Fave Bloopers - Aomine/Momoi Popsicle Scene (2 Days Left)

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Nigou! ♡ knb:chara series
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Passing the torch, the Teiko way.


There’s a Kuroko no Basket event on Animate Ikebukuro. One of the attraction there is character profiles taped near the stairs with comments written by other characters. Akashi’s profile were commented by his former Teikou teammates, Reo and (I think) Hayama.

Reo: Ah, Sei-chan♥

Hayama (?): What!? What!? Did something happen!? Really!? That’s sick!!

Kise: Say something! Aomine-cchi!

Aomine: Haah!? Why me! You’re good at something like this, right, Midorima!

Midorima: Why nanodayo? I don’t understand the meaning of doing it. And there are a lot of food crumbs spilling out, Murasakibara!

Murasakibara: Mido-chin you’re noisy~ eh, how about Kuro-chin~??

Kuroko: I’m right here. Akashi-kun, do you like basketball?

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Kurobas chapter 243: Nebuya Eikichi & Kiyoshi Teppei

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Kuroko no Basket Pencil Cases


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I see… The reason I lost was that one difference.

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